Bones - HoldOnForDearLife (prod. by Drew The Architect)

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prod. by
photo by jesus


i feel a totally different way im for real you can trust in what i say
ill be here never to go away i fear i am always in your way
let me know let me know
ill be gone ill be gone
but not for too long of course im always around
never too far from you im your ground
life is changing its changing fast
who would have thought that i could make it down this path
i dont know and i dont care
you pop a bean and you falling asleep i roll a blunt then im up for a week
watch how you talk when you talkin to me
sesh get it poppin so properly see
i press the juice while you pour up the lean
i pick my poison appropriately you about to turn to a corpse like me
you can try but can approach it like me
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